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나는 상상하는 것들을 장면으로 만들고 그림으로 옮긴다. 우리가 일상에서 느끼는 생명력과 생명력이 가득한 자연 속에서 함께 영유해가는 삶과 관계에 대해 관심을 가지고 장면을 만든다. 그리고 우리의 주변에서 일어나는 과학적 논리와 사유가 적용되지 않는 크고 작은 미스테리한 사건 사고를 나의 상상에 빗대어 확장시킨다. 예를 들어 갑작스러운 고래의 떼죽음, 이유 없이 불타오른 신체, 빅풋이 발자국 등 이성적으로 설명할 수 없는 장면들은 작업의 출발이 된다.
현재 나는 개인적인 시각에서 출발한 상상이 아닌 사회에 대한 접근과 사람들과의 관계에 대해 고민한 부분을 회화에 담으려 한다. 예를 들어 인간의 본성, 힘의 권력, 계층과 평등에 대한 이야기를 통찰해보고 역사 안에서 다루어진 사건들을 기반으로 현대 서사를 구상한다.
일상에 기반한 상상과 생각이 입혀진 이미지의 세계를 공감할 수 있는 회화를 하는 것이 나의 지향점이다.
Jung soojung

​(1990) lives and works in Seoul, South Korea     

Soojungjung's painting portrays her perspective towards life: society changes, yet certain constants remain the same. People tend to believe every event in life is a series of decision-making process based on logics and facts. Soojungjung challenges this idea. She believes that the invisible "Qi(氣,the vital life force)" exists all around us, and that it affects all living things' action in the subconscious level. The “Qi” triggers fundamental behaviors that often cannot be explained by science or mankind's train of thoughts. Emotions like jealousy, bellicosity, pleasures are typical examples of this.

Soojungjung finds the traces of "Qi" from both old and new. Fairies and supernatural beings from old folk tales and myths show instances where humans tried to portray the unexplainable, and the series of current affairs too require something more than mere facts and logics to be fully elaborated.
The paintings of Soojungjung illustrate her angle by channeling the invisible through the visible. The nature, animals and humans in her paintings both harmonize and struggle with one another. Their actions are visible in the naked eye, but the motivation behind their behaviors cannot be explained by logics and science: the invisible, but inevitable idea of "Qi" functions as a necessity for the clear interpretations.
Soojungjung's way of seeing the world might seem uncanny, and so are her paintings. Be that as it may, her illustration of the objects is discerning.



2021 <Bom bom powder>, A Lounge Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2021 <Falconry>, SEMA 창고, Seoul, South Korea​

2020 <Villains : Mixtape>, OCI Museum, Seoul, South Korea 
2019 <A Homing Fish>, Gallery Meme, Seoul, South Korea
2018 <Sweet Siren>, Rainbowcube Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


2022 <Feather>, Cylinder, Seoul, South Korea
2021 <21st Century paintings>, Hite collection, Seoul, South Korea
2020. <Name>, Museumhead, Seoul, South Korea​

2020 <Blind spot>, A.Round, Busan, South Korea
2020 <There Might Be More Light>, Seoul-ro Media Canvas, Seoul, South Korea 
2019 <Salon de Insa 2019>, Misulsegae Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 
2019 <Pingpong Jeongsoowoo x Soojungjung>, 의외의 조합, Seoul, South Korea 
2019 <Corners1>, Seoul, South Korea, Keepintouch, Seoul, South Korea 
2019 <Nothing Twice>, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea 
2018 Union Art Fair, <Let’s make together>, S-Factory, Seoul, South Korea 
2016 <MFA Degree Show>, Glue Factory, Glasgow, United Kingdom
2015 <Awoo> Project Space1, Glasgow, United Kingdom   
2015 <Look About Ye!>, Stiriling Castle, Stirling, United Kingdom 


2020 OCI Young Creatives, OCI Museum
2020 BNK Young Artists Award, Busan Bank


2016 The Glasgow School of Art, Masters of Fine Arts, United Kingdom
2013 Gachon University, BA Painting, South Korea
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