Group Exhibition <You have no power here> 최대진x정수정 @ projectspacemium 프로젝트스페이스미음, 2022

Group Exhibition <Feather> 우한나x정수정 @ cylinder 실린더, 2022

Solo Exhibition <Bom bom powder 봄봄 파우더> @ A Lounge Gallery 에이라운지 갤러리, 2021

Group Exhibition <21st Century Paintings 21세기 회화> @ Hite collection 하이트 컬렉션, 2021

Solo Exhibition <falconry 매사냥> @ SeMA 창고, 2021

Group exhibition <Name 나메> @ museumhead 뮤지엄헤드, 2020

Solo Exhibition <The star of villains 빌런들의 별> @ OCI Museum OCI 미술관, 2020

Solo Exhibition <A Homing Fish> @ Gallery Meme 갤러리밈, 2019